Garment Design

Garment design is the process of creating ideas for clothing and then translating those ideas into making clothes items. ... The pattern shows you which pieces you'll need, how to cut them, and how to assemble them to make clothing. Making clothes involves using a paper pattern. Patterns come in many sizes and designs.

Job Fields

Assistant Fashion Designer
Women's Apparel Designer
Assistant, Designer TEMP - BCBG
Senior Apparel Designer
Technical/Creative Outdoor Apparel Designer
Footwear Designer, Men's Casuals, Boots and Sandals
The North Face: Assistant Designer, Essentials
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer (Food Packaging)
Graphic Designer
  • Phone:
    07163074 (Office)
  • Email:
  • Campus:
    70/1 Sir Iqbal Road, Courtpara, Kushtia

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